Hayfever Superheroes

Is a warm summers day your kryptonite? Or is a freshly cut lawn your arch nemesis? Don’t let Pollen become the villain this summer! Let your Local Pharmacist find your Summer Sidekick, and Davidsons Chemist will help you become a Hayfever Hero!

Hay fever, also known as ‘seasonal rhinitis’ is the allergy to pollen. You might be affected by specific pollens (a particular tree, grass etc) which will worsen symptoms at specific times of the year, or you have generalised hay fever.  Grass pollen allergies will start at the beginning of summer. Tree pollen allergies can begin at the start of spring. If your allergy is to weed pollen, this can affect you all the way through to autumn.

Whatever sets of your hayfever, the treatment is the same. Read on to find your Summer SideKick.

Titan Tablets

Antihistamines can help tackle most hayfever symptoms – from itchy throat, nose, mouth and ears to coughs and sneezes. They are a perfect place to start when looking for your Summer Sidekick. There are two kinds: new and old.

The older style antihistamines (such as chlorphenamine) are good for high pollen count days when you may need a top-up to manage your symptoms.

But are not so good for staying alert! They are more likely to make you drowsy than their newer-style counterparts.

Newer style antihistamines (such as cetirizine and loratadine) are less likely to make you drowsy. With just one tablet a day can nip nipping hayfever in the bud.

We recommend taking them just before the hayfever season starts. Then, keep taking them until the pollen has dropped out for autumn.

Antihistamines affect superheroes in different ways. Take advice from your pharmacist first. It might be a case of trying things out to see which Summer Sidekick you settle for.

Laser Vision Eye Drops

 Are streaming itchy eyes getting in the way of your superhero laser vision? Wearing wrap-around glasses can keep your identity a mystery and reduce your exposure to pollen.

Still struggling? Sodium Cromoglycate is available as an eye drop to target itchy, red and watery eyes. These can be used alone or in partnership with your antihistamine tablet. Allergy Alliance Assemble!

Supernatural Nasal Sprays

Is your nose running onto your nice clean super suit?

Are the snuffles giving away your location?

Hayfever Nasal Sprays, (normally containing a steroid such as Fluticasone or Beclometasone) can relieve these symptoms by targeting inflammatory cells in the nose.

There are a variety of sprays available. Your Pharmacist can help you choose based on price and personal preference. If one doesn’t work for you, we can help you choose an alternative.

If a blocked nose is causing hassle, you can increase the efficacy of nasal sprays by using a saline nasal cleanse such as Sterimar and blowing your nose gently before use, this will improve the sprays access! Swap out your steroid spray for short term, seven-day use of a decongestant nasal spray such as Xylometazoline. This can clear up the worst blocked sinuses.

Note: Nasal Sprays can be used all season, or when required. They should not be used all year round. They can be used alone or enlisted in your Seasonal Squad.

The Hayfever Heroes Secret Lair – More Tips!

You don’t want enemies sneaking their way into your secret lair! Follow our tips below to keep your lair pollen free.

  • Keep an eye on the pollen count.

Info can be found on the MET Office website (link at the end of the article).

  • On high pollen days ensure you close windows and doors – and stay indoors if possible.

If windows have been left open, hoover and damp dust before bed. This will pick up any pollen that may have settled around the house.

  • If you have been out during the day.

Change out of your clothes and take a shower. This will ensure no pollen is transferred onto soft furnishings from clothing or hair.

  • Avoid drying washing outdoors.

This will bring pollen into the home.

  • We recommend pet-free zones within the house.

Pets can transfer pollen to carpets, curtains and other soft furnishings.  For asthmatics, it is especially important that bedrooms are pollen-free. This will help reduce your symptoms being triggered at night.

Your Local Davidsons Chemist

Make sure you seek your local Davidsons Pharmacists advice before starting or stopping any medication.

If you are eligible for the Minor Ailments Scheme, ask your Pharmacist which products are available.

Search online to find your local Davidsons Chemist. We’ll help you find your Summer SideKick and be a Hayfever Hero!


Aleks – Your Davidsons Pharmacist Blogger