Medicine Compliance Support


Patients sometimes need assistance to ensure they take the right drug at the right time as prescribed by their doctor.

Health Visitors, District Nurses, GP’s and family members are as aware as pharmacists of the problems many patients have when confronted with a complicated drug regimen. Lack of compliance leads to multiple doctor consultations, hospital visits and even permanent residential care.

Our Pharmacist or Technician will assess your knowledge and use of medicines and, based on the information gathered, will invite you or your carer to discuss the different types of support available to help you take your medicines as intended.

If you, or someone you know, finds it hard to remember what to take and when to take it a Monitored Dosage System can organise your medicines ensuring they are taken at the right time every day. They are particularly helpful for patients taking large quantities of different medication,

Also referred to as ‘blister packs’, your medicines are placed in separate compartments or ‘blisters’ according to the time you need to take them. The days of the week and time of the day are clearly labelled on the packs and this ensures that the correct medication is taken at the correct time.

You will not need to struggle with lots of tablet boxes or pushing tablets out hard to open packaging, so can be helpful for patients with restricted use of their hands, for example those suffering with arthritis.  Packs can also be beneficial for the partially sighted.

Our team will fill the weekly packs with your medication in the appropriate compartments.  Packs will be supplied to patients on a weekly basis or as specified by the prescriber.