It may be appropriate to ask your GP practice if you are able to have a ‘serial prescription’. 

A serial prescription looks like a normal prescription but lasts for 6 or 12 months. 

They are kept in the pharmacy, which means that you can get your repeat medicines straight from a pharmacy without having to order a new prescription from your surgery every time to need your repeat medicines. 

For more information on serial prescriptions CLICK HERE. 

Further Information

Please speak to our pharmacist or read this leaflet for more information.

There is a service available from pharmacies in Scotland to better support people who take medicines for long-term conditions. 

Pharmacists are experts in medicines and will talk to you about how to get the best from your medicines. You can talk to them about any worries or concerns that you may have about the medicines you are taking. 

When you first register for the service, the pharmacist will review your medicines with you, asking you some questions about how you take your medicines and any  

After a chat with you, our pharmacist will record and plan anything that needs to happen to help you get the most of out of your medicines, especially if you have been having any issues. They may suggest a care plan to set out any actions that you and the pharmacist need to take to help you with your medicine.  We can give you a copy of your care plan and may contact your doctor about it if necessary, should you agree. The pharmacist will review your care plan regularly with you.