You can make a difference within community pharmacy and Davidsons Chemists can help to make it happen.  We recruit only the best pharmacists to provide the quality of pharmaceutical care and advice our customers and patients have come to expect.

Our pharmacists ensure we deliver all the services of the pharmacy contract to benefit our patients to the highest of professional standards. With Davidsons, it’s more than just dispensing medicines, it’s looking after our patients by listening to them and giving them expert advice. Over half of our 50+ pharmacists have completed or are in the process of completing Independent Prescribing training, changing the patient journey for many and giving you access to DPPs and experienced prescribers to support you too if you need it.

We believe the best place for our pharmacists to be is right in front of the patient. We are committed to having checking support built into the staff profile of every branch along with the technology that supports it. We also recognise that your time is best spent away from processes, so the profiles exclude you from all activities.  We want you to have the right number of people to enable you to spend time doing the things that only the Pharmacist can do. That’s where you add the most value and can thrive.

As Branch Manager, you will have the responsibility of the development of your team. We are looking for people who invest their time to get the team they deserve, facilitating training and learning opportunities.

You will be accountable for the business, looking for opportunities to drive profitability, reduce loss and minimise inefficiencies.

It goes without saying that professionalism and high standards of governance will be at your core, we regard the safety of our patients and the reputation of our company with the utmost respect.

As a Davidsons Pharmacist Manager, the benefits you will receive are;

  • Competitive salary
  • Staff discount
  • GPhC fees reimbursed
  • Workplace pension scheme
  • 5 weeks annual leave entitlement and 9 public holidays (pro rota)
  • Benefit schemes

We welcome those pharmacists for whom a full, part-time or portfolio career would be more suitable.

We also have opportunities for Relief Pharmacists working across a variety of our branches, offering continuity of high-standard, patient-focused care and assisting our managers and teams in day-to-day operations.

Working for Davidsons could be the ideal opportunity for a recently or newly qualified pharmacist to get their first experience of management in a helpful and supportive environment. Allowing you to focus on your Post Registration Foundation Programme and ultimately Independent Prescribing training.

Our company is enviably the largest independent multiple within Scotland and our branch distribution covers some of the most charming, picturesque areas of Scotland.  Flexibility and choice are characteristic of life with Davidsons.

If you wish to talk to someone in complete confidence about career opportunities, email our Professional Services and Development Director, Kathleen Cowle


I joined Davidsons 12 years ago after I had heard that they were a very good company for which to work. I had only been qualified for a year working on relief for a large multiple.

I was attracted by the fantastic reputation that Davidsons had as an independent company that provided excellent service to the local community from their many Pharmacies.

I initially worked on relief with Davidsons for a year which allowed me to gain great experience in many different shops and deal with many different situations. I enjoyed meeting staff and fellow Pharmacists in various localities, and their affinity with their patients and customers was evident in every pharmacy I have worked in.

I felt they were extremely welcoming and supportive as I gained experience along the way. They provided comprehensive training during my induction that made me feel confident in my role as a newly qualified Pharmacist.

I was then fortunate enough to be successful in my application to become a Pharmacist Manager in one of the shops in my local area. I have now been in this position for 11 years, and it has allowed me to develop my clinical knowledge and experience with the managerial side of things.

 I love the traditional feel that Davidsons maintains, and I have benefited from the wealth of knowledge that other Pharmacists across the company provide. I feel I have a fantastic support network available through my fellow Pharmacist colleagues and our Head Office staff. There are well-established clear communication channels within the company which means help is always at hand if I need a second professional opinion on any matter.

I have a fantastic team of staff within my branch who I regard as invaluable in helping me provide excellent service to our patients and customers. As a result, we have built a close rapport with the local community, which is extremely rewarding, providing me with great job satisfaction.

I have been encouraged and am keen to complete the Independent Prescribing course next year. I am excited about this opportunity to develop my professional skills further, and I feel confident that Davidsons, as always, will provide the support necessary to achieve this.

All in all, I would highly recommend Davidsons as a company to work for. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 12 years and look forward to the future working for them.

Lynn Clark

I have been a qualified pharmacist for 11 years and having completed my pre-registration training in Northern Ireland, I moved to Scotland. I worked for the same company all those years from being a relief pharmacist, pharmacy manager and field-based manager. To be honest, I thought I would still be there, but an opportunity arose within Davidsons Chemists that I could not resist.

I joined Davidsons Chemists 3 months ago, and I could not believe the difference; even after my first few days, I knew I had made the right decision to make that leap. It was a difficult decision at the time, as I always felt loyal to my previous employers; however, I knew that I would not be able to progress with my new Independent Prescribing qualification.

The levels of support have been fantastic, from head office, field managers, pharmacists and all the staff. After a 2 day, informal but formative induction, I was ready to face my first day in a pharmacy. I was overwhelmed with the welcome from the staff, and they quickly got me set up and briefed me on what had been going on in the pharmacy and what the plans were for the day. I felt I could have asked them anything, and any questions I did have, they were able to help. In each pharmacy I work in, the atmosphere has been great, reflecting on Davidsons Chemists, in that we have been given the tools to be successful in everyday routine tasks to our primary goal of providing advice and care for our patients.

As I await getting set up ready to participate in the Pharmacy First Plus Service, I have been enjoying being a relief pharmacist and returning to my roots of being a pharmacist. Working with such highly motivated teams, who are so knowledgeable and helpful, I find that I have so much more time in a day to interact with customers and patients in a way that I haven’t in such a long time. I am nervous but equally excited about my next chapter in pharmacy, being an Independent Prescriber (IP), but I know that I will have a support network around me with so many other IPs within the company who I can turn to for advice.

My only regret is that I did not make the move earlier. I can truly say that I am thoroughly enjoying my job and meeting all the wonderful people that make Davidsons Chemists a great place to work.     

Stacey McCauley